A. Philip Randolph

A. Philip Randolph (1889-1979) DJ Name: Notorious Porter Patrol  Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but this isn’t a story about MLK because we already know that he had a dream and that he definitely listened to “Politics as Usual” by Jay-Z and “Cranes in the Sky” by Solange. So instead, we’ve decided toContinue reading “A. Philip Randolph”

Ughetto degli Atellani

Ughetto degli Atellani 1400s DJ Name: Ughettin’ This Bread Just as eels played an important role in the first Thanksgiving celebrations in America, panettone plays a similar role in Italian Christmas traditions. Since we’re approaching the day that Santa will slide down the chimney, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit here at Historic Shuffle byContinue reading “Ughetto degli Atellani”


Keaunui (and more) Dates unknown (keep a diary, ppl!!)  DJ Name: Keepin’ Up With Keaunui Earlier this week, we observed the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. During the morning of December 7, 1941, hundreds of Japanese planes swarmed the skies over the U.S. naval base and claimed the lives of 2,400 service membersContinue reading “Keaunui”

Tisquantum, aka Squanto

Tisquantum, aka Squanto (1585-1622) DJ Name: Squantunes  It’s almost Thanksgiving! You know what that means: time to scan the grocery store aisles for some Stove Top stuffing (made by Shufflette Ruth Siems), chop up some beans for a green bean casserole (@ Dorcas Reilly) and, of course, wade through rivers to get to the squishiestContinue reading “Tisquantum, aka Squanto”

Bill “Bojangles” Robinson

Bill “Bojangles” Robinson (1878-1949) DJ Name: Bojang-a-lang To continue our journey through prominent Virginians, today we’re focusing on a man who tippy-tappied across the silver screen, right into people’s hearts across America. That tap dancer was none other than Bill Robinson, or “Bojangles,” as some came to know him, either because of his happy stageContinue reading “Bill “Bojangles” Robinson”

Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Bobby “Boris” Pickett (1938 – 2007) DJ Name: Pickett PICKs the hitz  All the ghosts and ghouls are going to take to the streets on Sunday (and probably Friday and Saturday, too, let’s be honest, it’s #Halloweekend) asking for candy that hopefully doesn’t have razor blades in it and maybe even dance to a songContinue reading “Bobby “Boris” Pickett”

Claudius Crozet

Claudius Crozet (December 31, 1789 – January 29, 1864) DJ Name: DJ Crazy Crozet These two Virginia gals have so much fun writing about old timey Virginians, they decided to throw another one into the Historic Shuffle mix. This lad lived in the Commonwealth many moons ago, blasting not only his favorite tunes but alsoContinue reading “Claudius Crozet”

Victoria Woodhull

Victoria Woodhull (1838 – 1927) DJ Name: Crown Vic Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Victoria Woodhull, Happy Birthday to you! This week Emmy and Camille were sent a Historic Shuffle recommendation from their friend Cody. After reading about this #shero, they decided to make her the 59th Shufflette. AndContinue reading “Victoria Woodhull”

William Steig

William Steig (1907-2003) DJ Name: Ol’ Billy Boi Partly because Yom Kippur (the holiest day for Jewish people) is today, and partly because we just love a good cartoon, this week’s Shuffler is Jewish author and illustrator William Steig, whose name you might not recognize at first but we guarantee you you’re familiar with hisContinue reading “William Steig”