Hazel M. Johnson

Hazel M. Johnson (1935-2011) DJ Name: Hazed & Confused Years before Greta Thunberg said “how dare you” to a bunch of big boi politicians who are daring to not do anything about climate change, Hazel M. Johnson fought for environmental justice in Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods and worked to improve living conditions for those in publicContinue reading “Hazel M. Johnson”

Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Rebecca Lee Crumpler (1831-1895) DJ Name: Crumpin’ Crumpler Fun fact! When Dr. Dre said “I need a doctor” in 2011, they were actually referring to DJ Dr. Crumpin’ Crumpler. That’s right, Rebecca Lee Crumpler literally brought Dr. Dre back to life because she was THAT good of a doctor. OK, but for real, Rebecca LeeContinue reading “Rebecca Lee Crumpler”

Elizabeth Keckley

Elizabeth Keckley (1818-1907) DJ Name: Lizzy Smalls ‘Twas a Tuesday night at the White House in 1861, and Mary Todd Lincoln was all aflutter. She simply would not have enough time to don her corset and flowered headpiece before she had to descend the stairs to the evening’s festivities. The White House’s seamstress, Elizabeth Keckley,Continue reading “Elizabeth Keckley”

Ruth Siems AND Dorcas Reilly

Ruth Siems (1931-2005) DJ Name: Rockin’ Ruth Dorcas Reilly (1926-2018) DJ Name: DJ Dorky Dorcas ‘Tis the season for stuffing yourself until you gotta go change into your comfy elastic band pants, so it feels appropriate to learn about two women who gave us two of the best Thanksgiving side dishes. If you don’t believeContinue reading “Ruth Siems AND Dorcas Reilly”