Reading about historical figures from our past, we couldn’t help but wonder

What would they listen to if they had Spotify?

Who’s Behind Historic Shuffle?

Emmy is a news assistant at Law360 who likes bagels and running, but doesn’t like the Oxford comma. She went to James Madison University with Camille, but now she lives in Brooklyn without Camille.

Camille, popularly known as Cambo, loves coffee and spends a lot of time on trails along the river. One time she and Emmy were in New Orleans for spring break and they beat Bourbon Street. They’ve been best of pals since.

What is Historic Shuffle?

Each week, Camille and Emmy compile a list of songs for a historical figure based on what they think they would have likely enjoyed hearing. Along with the playlist, they write about the life of a person from our past you may or may not have learned about in 5th period history class.

Thanks to their history degrees from James Madison University, they know how to dive deep into the crevices of the human mind, analyzing if Alexander the Great would have rather heard “Can’t Be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus or “Nonstop” by Drake.

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